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(published April 13, 2013)

At every Liturgy, in the Prayer Before the Ambo, we pray, "O Lord preserve the fulness of thy Church, sanctify those who love the beauty of Thy house, glorify them in return by Thy divine power" It was that love that brought together a group of people here this week to clean the cathedral. Look around you (and below at the floor) to see the fruit of their labors. We acknowledge the following people who spent time and effort cleaning, polishing, and enhancing the beauty of the temple:

Archdeacon Michael, Subdeacon Cristian Ganfalean,
Petruta Ganfalean, Levan Kiknadze,
George Luarsabishvili, Sherry Powell Luarsabishvili,
Nato Kiknadze, Thomas Kitson, Rati Pruidze,
Thomas Downey, Anna Souvarov, Anthony Donovan,
Nana Gonchitashvili Zepptteli, Charles Webb,
Simona Breazu and Kallinka Glavev.

We will have another day of cleaning on Monday, April 22.

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